By Saskia Smith

A Guide to Wembley Private Box: Elevate Your Private Experience

Wembley Stadium, an iconic arena that has witnessed the unfolding of historic events, beckons you to embark through its private hospitality boxes. PitchLevel tailors Wembley private boxes for corporate gatherings, connecting sales teams with clients at exclusive sports events for meaningful business growth.

What is a hospitality box?

A hospitality box, also known as a corporate or VIP box, extends an exclusive invitation to premium guests. Our box has been meticulously designed to tastefully elevate the guest experience, seamlessly blending comfort, exclusivity, and personalized services. Tailored specifically for concerts, VIP sports, and football enthusiasts, what sets our box apart is its attention to detail. With the capacity to seat 20, we go the extra mile by customszing menus, lanyards, and TV screens, featuring your company’s logo for a truly distinctive and branded ambiance.

Private Box Capacity.

At PitchLevel, we proudly present our exclusive hospitality package, offering a tailored experience for corporate gatherings of 20, perfect for executives and corporare leaders seeking a networking haven. Our private box seats 20 individuals, providing an expansive and immersive setting for your event. What sets us apart is the rarity of such spacious accommodations at Wembley Stadium; while other venues may offer smaller boxes, we stand out as one of the few with the capability to host a 20-person event. This distinction ensures that your gathering enjoys both the prestige of Wembley and the comfort of a large, exclusive space.

What is included in a private box at Wembley?

  • VIP access at Wembley Stadium, private VIP Box with extraordinary views, comfortable seating, and a private box balcony.
  • Complimentary drinks and fine foods served throughout the event, with post-show refreshments.
  • Full circle service includes a private kitchen, bathroom, personal chef, large HD screen for presentations, and various menu packages.
  • Souvenir VIP Box passes and programs branded with your logo.

Our package includes full circle service, providing you with your private kitchen, bathroom, and a personal chef. Our experienced Wembley staff ensure exceptional service, while a large HD screen inside the box with AV functionality is suitable for presentations and displays your company logo throughout the game. Additionally, we deliver a three-course meal, and you have various menu packages to choose from, all branded with your logo. As a memento, receive souvenir VIP Box passes and programmes. Elevate your corporate event with PitchLevel, where we specialise in connecting your sales team with potential clients at our exclusive sports hospitality events, ensuring engaged attendees are ready to make meaningful connections that drive business growth. 

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How much does a Wembley box cost?

  • The cost of our Wembley box varies based on the event, enriched by PitchLevel’s unique offerings.
  • Elevate your experience with personalised packages, including Wembley Stadium VIP seats & hospitality.

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Is there a dress code for a private box?

  • Wembley maintains a flexible dress code approach; however, PitchLevel suggests smart-casual attire for our upscale box experience.
  • Tailor your dress code to match the event, avoiding replica club colours

Community Shield Game: Arsenal F.C vs Manchester City Football Club Leaders in Climate Tech, Co-Hosted by Numis

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